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  1. Information

This blog does not share any personal information with third parties nor store any important information and personal details of our visitors with analytic systems through the use of cookies. We value our client’s privacy thus the commitment to keep any data shared to us confidential and classified. We do not use cookies.

This site might collect pertinent information from visitors such as email address and contact information when you sign up in our website. You might be asked to fill out a form with collecting such information.

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The information collected is used to personalize the visitor’s experience. It will also be utilized to further improve the services of our website. This will also ensure a good customer service so that we can respond promptly and properly to any inquiries, questions and difficulties concerning our webpage.

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Cookies are typically linked with the browser you’re using, to disable cookies you must turn it off manually by visiting the settings page of your browser.  This is advisable so that no unwanted information shall be collected by phishing applications.

  1. Reproduction

The reproduction and distribution of the blog’s contents may it be text or other media, without permission is prohibited under the law. Credit and mentions are advised, however, an inquiry is still necessary to print, publish and reproduce parts of the journals, studies and papers found in this website. Inquiries for reproduction are welcome. Please send us at message at the addresses found in our “Contact” page.

  1. Sources

This is important because we uphold the highest standards when it comes to citing sources and researchers. By allowing un-moderated use of sources, the rights of the authors, researchers and the academe are being violated. Thus the need for permission in using any parts of the journals found in this website.

  1. Mailer

We may or may not, in any time, send mailers to update visitors on new articles, journals and other data available on the website. These email correspondence will be sent to visitors of the website. If a person does not want to receive any email from us, there will be an “unsubscribe” button. Just simply opt out if you find our emails not fitting for your needs. However, we do encourage visitors to read the emails to stay informed on the latest news and latest available resources.
We are working hard to personalize the emails so please expect to see some changes in the following days. Surveys might also be sent to determine your interests and to make sure that every email you’ll receive is design and dedicated to suit your needs and interests.

  1. Third party links

Occasional links and ads from third party websites may appear in our page. Please be informed that by clicking such links, visitors are leaving the page. Once you have left our page we are no longer responsible for the website’s cookies activity, privacy policies and copyright issues since third party links are entirely separate from this website.

Please practice caution in clicking third party links as they may have different privacy policies from this website.

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  1. Disclaimer

This privacy policy is subject to change without any prior notice. Last updated April 25, 2016. For any questions and/or inquiries please feel free to contact us directly.

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