How to Become a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker can be compared to self-help writers and gurus. They provide suggestions, real life experiences and insights on how to overcome problems. They inspire people and motivate them to do better, to follow their dreams and ignite the passion in their hearts.

Everyone has something to share about their lives. Everyone has insights and experiences that can help motivate other people. These are important things that the

top motivational speakers should have. But, it is also important to have people skills and the ability to deliver speeches. It is very important that you also feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Here are some tips and suggestions how to become a motivational speaker.

Identify your audience. Learn about their backgrounds. Are they kids, teenagers or adults? This will help you prepare a speech that is appropriate for their age and come up with strategy that will help you connect with them. It is also important to consider their interests so you’ll be able to keep your speech interesting.


Choose a topic.

When choosing a topic there are three important things to consider, purpose, relevance and expertise. The purpose of the speech will help you determine what topic to talk about. It is supposed to help them overcome academic problems? It is supposed to motivate them to follow their dreams? Ask yourself these types of questions until you’ve established the sole purpose of your speech.

Next, ask yourself if the topic is relevant to the audience. Will they be able to relate to it? Will it have a great impact on them and will it affect their mindset. A speech is more effective when it is relevant to the audience.


Lastly, consider your expertise on the topic.

Do you have enough knowledge or experience on the topic? Will you be able to cite situations based on your life or of people you know? It is very important that you have a good grasp on the topic. This will help you come up with a good speech and at the same time be able to motivate the audience better.


Once you’ve chosen a topic, decide what will be the core message of the speech.

Motivational-SpeakerFrom the core message, write supporting details and include supporting arguments, insights and experiences. Make an outline so that your speech is organized and fluid.
Prepare presentation materials like charts, images, videos or slide presentations. These materials will help interest your audience and at the same time provide visuals that will help them remember your speech. Use this to establish the message of your speech and support arguments and point out important details.

Practice the speech you prepared. Practice your speech in front of a mirror and observe your facial expressions, gestures and movements. Do you look comfortable delivering the speech? Do you look convincing? Try recording your speech and listen how your voice projects. If it’s possible, deliver your speech in front of a video cam and watch it afterwards. From the videos and recordings, critique yourself and point out areas of improvement. Then, try delivering the speech in front of a friend or relative.


Ask them to give suggestions and point out what you should improve or shouldn’t do.

Lastly, start connecting with people and promote yourself. Advertise your speeches to help you gain an audience. You can do it by uploading a video on the internet or deliver speeches in your school or town. Try sending videos and offering your services at events like conventions, conferences and other occasions that will need a speaker.

These are just some of the steps to help you become a motivational speaker. Remember to practice and learn from other speakers and from experiences to become a better speaker.

 How to Become a Motivational Speaker