What can we say? Our love for knowledge and research has led us in putting up this blog. We decided to publish peer-reviewed online journals that are open access for everyone. We differ from other academic journals that you can see online in a way that we do not focus on a certain field of knowledge. Instead, we cover a broad range of academic disciplines. In fact, we intend to publish journals on every aspect of academic prospects.

Who We Are


We want to gather academic scholars together and pursue their academic freedom. Every individual running this blog is an expert or scholar in their field. Most of us have experience in publishing scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, review articles, book reviews, and critiques of existing research both online and conventional media.

In the past, keeping yourself up-to-date with scholarly communications was quite easy. A few journals every year used to be enough to keep you updated in your field of expertise.

Those times are long gone because every field of knowledge is advancing quickly and experts always come out with new research and development. Now, we want to keep up with the times and use the power of the Internet to share peer-reviewed journals from various scholars, the latest research and breakthroughs, as well as critical commentary.

Our Purpose


Our blog aims to be the foundation for future presentations and research, and to compare ongoing research. We do not hold any commercial objective because we are only here to give out knowledge.

We believe that every piece of knowledge starts as unfamiliar – strange and underrated. However, with the right kind of perspective, that unfamiliar knowledge can become extraordinary.

This is why academicjournalonline.com has a commitment to make the unfamiliar knowledge become familiar by means of communication, integration, and validation. We have an undying passion and great responsibility to make knowledge available to be put in action.

Our Mission


We take the challenge to lead the way in developing the different fields of knowledge through our academic journals. We want to be the number source of professors, students, researchers, authors, scholarly authors, academic researchers, product marketers, investment bankers, and other professionals when it comes to online academic journals in their field, as well as research, analysis, and relevant insights that may not be available in conventional journals and media.

How We Can Fulfill Our Commitment


We live up to our commitment through the following ways:


  • Our team of experts apply a thorough editorial process to recognize, choose, license, and administer high-quality publications.
  • We build and maintain directories that offer subscription and free access to full-texts, abstracts, and metadata found in our collections.
  • We have professional and academic database partners that offer research platforms, which we integrate with our collections.

Our Vision


We dream of becoming the leading provider of knowledge and analytics for experts across various industries worldwide. We want to help doctors save more lives, scientists make new findings, executives build commercial relations with their customers, lawyers win their cases, and other professionals to develop further their expertise in their field.

Peer Review Boards


We are here not just to correct grammar, but also to challenge the conclusions of the author. Regardless of the conclusions and assumptions, there are articles that are really controversial. Research articles can lead to even more articles, especially if it catches the attention of scholars. We want to challenge and rectify mistakes because this way, we can help in spreading knowledge, and knowledge is actually the primary reason for his blog.

Contributors and Writing Standard


Content writing is quite popular these days, and because of that, there has been an increase in every form of writing, including academic journals. The contributors of academicjournalonline.com are mostly researchers, college or university students, graduate students, professors, and other experts that have first-hand experience with the field of knowledge.

Our blog can be a platform for up-and-coming scholars. You can contact us if you want to submit your scholarly articles and get a head start in your chosen career.